Why Choose Port Forward?

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We make software that automatically forwards ports for you.

Network Utilities main tools page
Network Utilities main tools page

Automate your port forwards with our Network Utilities software.

Our software automatically logs in to your router and forwards ports for you. Use our tools to configure your router.

Use the Pro version of Network Utilities to:

  • Automatically configure port forwards in your router

  • Customize your port forwards

    • Forward ports when you need them.

    • Remove port forwards when you don't need them.

    • Our software removes old forwards and creates new ones

  • Automatically log in to your router

  • Optimize space in your router

    • Fully manage your router's forwarding list

    • Increase security by closing ports when not in use

  • Configure your network

    • Detect all routers on your network

    • Recover lost or forgotten router passwords

    • Configure your router firewall

We also provide a free demo of our software for you to try out. The free demo of Network Utilities includes our Router Screenshot Grabber, Router Detector, and Port Checker tools.

Use the free demo of Network Utilities to:

  • Set up a static IP address

  • Manually forward ports in your router

  • Check to see if your ports are forwarded

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